Preparation of statutory documents, internal documents for business associations

The main constituent documents of corporations, which confirm the status of legal entities are statutes and internal regulations.

Statute provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal status of the enterprise (company) as an independent economic entity that has all the rights of a legal entity, its internal control mechanism and mode of formation and using of property companies (firms), the disposal of its assets and profits.


Internal regulations 

• Regulation on the General Meeting of Shareholders;

• Regulation on the Supervisory Board;

• Regulation on executive bodies;

• Regulation on the Audit Committee;

• Regulation on information policy;

• Corporate Governance Code;

• Other internal position (at the discretion of the corporation)


Founding documents are the important attribute of the business. These documents confirm the legal status of the company, so they require a professional approach to their preparation.


SBC Company proposes professional assistance in creating (bringing accordance with the legislation) of statutory documents and any internal documents for business partnerships.