Analysis and advising about the corporate governance

Effective corporate governance nowadays is an integral part of a successful business. Clearly constructed model of corporate governance in the company reduces the risks that crises will arise or at least increases the possibility of its successful solution. In general, the analysis of investors’ behavior confirms the golden rule: "Investments flow only there, where the rights of shareholders are respected."

SBC company proposes services in corporate consulting, which are based on the years of successful business development, strategic analysis of the domestic securities market and its legal background.

Management consulting

• Development of alternative strategies for business development (including the additional issue of securities);

 Increasing the efficiency of enterprise management (changing the organizational structure and its corresponding management practices, optimization of business processes);

 Finding new opportunities in business.

Advising on business and management

 Analysis, development and legal review of statutory and internal documents of the company;

 Advising on any matters of corporate law, capital markets, privatization,

 Assistance in resolving disputes among shareholders;

 Training and support to securities issue;

 Preparation of analytical reviews of legislation on corporate law and securities market.

Restructuring of companies

 Financial and legal review of existing businesses of the companies;

 Identification and/or adjustment of the strategy of restructuring;

 Development of restructuring schemes;

 Expert support of restructuring process.