GR-management (Government relations)

One of the most important activities of the company in today business is external communication with authorities on a range of issues.

Nowadays, in the world, one of the most progressive areas of networking and advocacy of private companies in state and local government institutions is GR-management. Successful growth and performance of the company depends on the performance in this area.

Specialist of SBC will represent your companies’ interests in government institutions. It will allow to resolve complicated issue or controversial situation with the minimum spending and in the shortest possible time.


This service is provided for presenting your interests in:

 State Commission on Securities and Stock Market;

 State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine;

 An executive bodies;

 Local authorities;

 Ministries and departments.


Specialists of SBC will provide you with the following services by representing your interests in the above-mentioned institutions quickly and professionally:

 Arrangement of interaction with state and local authorities;

 Studying the specificity of the company, development of mechanisms of representation companies’ interests in government institutions;

 Preparation of necessary documentation;

 Advising on relevant areas of law;

 Conducting the analytical research of regulations;

 Promoting and defending the company's interests in government institutions;

 Preparing responses to inquiries of public authorities, etc.

Specialists of SBC have solid experience in this field, which will allow to solve your problems and challenges with maximum efficiency for you and your company.