Registration procedures, issuance and cancellation of securities


The procedure for registration of securities is caused by the Law of Ukraine "About Securities and the Stock Market" and normative acts of the National Commission of Securities and Stock Market (hereinafter - "NCSSM"). Issue of securities (including shares in the company) is a subject to state registration in NCSSM.

As practice shows, the executive authority of any corporation faces many difficulties in the process of execution of decisions of General Meetings, final result of which is to receive the Certificate of registration of securities with the introduction of the issue of securities to the general register of securities, and most importantly – is getting corporate rights by shareholders by entering the relevant information in the system registry.

Specialists of SBC will help you quickly and accurately to make:

• Registration of issues of securities (stocks, bonds, investment certificates, etc..)

• Cancellation of the issues of securities (stocks, bonds, investment certificates, etc..)

• Increase of the statutory capital

• Reduction of the statutory capital

Specialists of SBC will conduct a consultation on preparation of examination of the legal status of securities and will provide expert analysis of activities of the issuer of the securities promptly and professionally.

The main advantages of cooperation with SBC in this area are:

• Strategic planning of all activities related to the registration or cancellation of the securities issue, which allows to reduce the risks associated with this procedure;

•  Direct communication with the central office and regional offices of NCSSM in all regions of Ukraine;

• The possibility of solving unusual situations;

• Understanding the specifics of all responsible executive authorities involved  in this procedure;

•  Perfect knowledge of legislation of governing activities in the securities market;

•  Availability of qualified staff employees who have extensive experience in various areas of the stock market.