Conduction of General meetings of shareholders

The order of convocation of the General Meeting of shareholders is determined by the Law of Ukraine "About corporations" (for open and closed joint stock companies) and by the Law of Ukraine "About Joint Stock Companies" (for public and private joint stock companies). According to this Law, clause 45 specifically, General Meeting of Shareholders is convened at least once a year, unless other is provided by the statute of the company.

To ensure that joint stock companies follow the legislation of Ukraine, experts of the SBC company provide the following services.

Help to issuers in organizing and conducting meetings of shareholders, collegiate bodies:

 Advising on the organization and the specifics of the meeting of shareholders;

 Participation in shareholders' meetings by proxy on behalf of the client;

 Consulting and giving expert support in the formation of a list and participation in the meetings of the collegial bodies of the Association (board of directors, governing board, etc.);

 Assistance in preparing for the meeting of shareholders (control of terms, advising on the preparation of necessary documents, collection and analysis of information about the candidates proposed to be voted for, etc.);

 Assistance in resolving disputes before, during and after the shareholders' meeting;

 Consulting and expert assistance in appealing the decisions of the meeting of shareholders;

 Presentation of materials prepared by experts of SBC to the client, about the results of the meetings of shareholders;

 Presentation of materials prepared by experts of SBC to the client (analysis of the procedure of the Shareholders Meeting and the decisions taken by the Shareholders Meeting, the Board of Directors decisions, procedures of securities’ emissions, the order of the company establishment, analysis of irregularities made during the meeting).